Will Reopening Too Soon Cause a Second Wave of COVID-19?

by | Jun 25, 2020 | businesses

As the United States begins to reopen, Coronavirus cases are picking up. This begs the question:

Is a second wave coming?

Technically, we’re still fighting the tide of the first wave. The increases that we’re seeing now are to be expected given that more people are out and about again. After all, the goal was to “flatten the curve,” not eliminate it. 

Dr. Cheema, a Hartford HealthCare infectious disease specialist, states that if we do see a second wave, all of our efforts thus far (i.e., closing down businesses and taking children out of school) will be in vain. 

America cannot survive a second wave. Our economy won’t be able to sustain another blow, our children can’t lose more of their education, and we cannot keep losing precious lives. Thankfully, it is preventable. By implementing the following safety practices in your workplace, you can help protect against a second wave.  

1. Require cloth face masks in your facility

A second wave can only be prevented if everyone complies with the restrictions that are put in place. You can do your part to protect your community by not only requiring patrons and employees to wear masks while in your facility, but also by providing them. 

Not only will this set an example for others to follow, but it will help customers feel safer and encourage mask use when they go out. After all, scientists and healthcare professionals recommend it. It’s the least we can do to avoid overwhelming them again. Buy cloth face masks in bulk today from Quality Face Wear, and receive your order in as little as 2 – 3 weeks for blank masks and 3 – 4 weeks for logo imprints (with free shipping). 

2. Screen every worker as they come in

Many B2C businesses have implemented screening procedures among employees, consisting of symptom checks and temperature monitoring upon entry. If you haven’t already instilled these practices, now is the time to do so. 

Taking the temperature of each and every employee and checking everyone for masks can be a daunting and time-consuming task. With SafeScreen, however, you can use infrared technology to scan your employees as they walk in. This stand-alone, touch-free device can not only detect a fever, but it can also detect whether or not someone is wearing a mask and scan their ID (if necessary).

If an employee has a fever or is not wearing a mask, the device will alert both you and the user so that they can be sent home. Not only will this save you time checking everyone in, but you can rest assured that your employees will be safer. If customers know that you screen your employees each day, they will feel more comfortable visiting your establishment as well.

3. Limit your entry points and encourage social distancing

Hospitals, as well as many large companies (like Walmart), are limiting their entry points to one. This precaution makes it easier to screen people without the fear of missing someone and allows for easy head counting when monitoring occupancy.

Several grocery stores are encouraging social distancing by creating a one-way movement through their aisles. Using tape to place markers on the floor that are six feet apart is another good way to encourage social distancing in your facility. 

4. Make sanitation a priority

Providing your workers and customers with easy access to hand sanitizer, hand washing stations, and/or gloves should be a priority. Promote good hand hygiene by putting up visual reminders, like posters and fliers, around your facility. 

Many restaurants have been forced to shut their doors again after an employee tested positive. If you operate a business that sees hundreds of people per day, fumigating the building every night with sanitizer is ideal for keeping patrons and workers safe, and avoiding having to close up shop. 

At Quality Face Wear, our mission is to keep the curve flattened and help America stay open. We specialize in manufacturing bulk orders of high quality cloth face masks at wholesale pricing. We also offer SafeScreen temperature screening kiosks. Contact us today to place your order!