Where to Buy Cloth Face Masks in Bulk

by | Apr 17, 2020 | cloth face masks

With the demand skyrocketing, there is simply not enough material in the United States for companies to produce masks.


The CDC now recommends that everyone wear a face mask when going out in public.

Big stores like Amazon, Walmart, and pretty much all manufacturers are sold out.

There are seemingly no bandanas, no multi-function headwear, and no cloth masks available with every business in America desperately snapping them up to get their employees back to work.

As a solution, the CDC has recommended making your own cloth masks, but this is not a scalable solution. Business owners need to buy cloth face masks in bulk.

The cons of DIY cloth masks

Attempting to make your own safe and effective cloth mask is a challenging option for most people due to the worldwide shortage of materials.

Most people don’t have access to the proper fabric necessary to create a mask that fits snugly, has the recommended thickness, and still allows for proper breathing. Those without a sewing machine and employers needing hundreds of thousands of masks for workers are finding themselves at a loss.

Where can you buy cloth face masks in bulk to outfit your employees or potential walk-in customers?

At Quality Face Wear, we’ve been spending the past month locating, negotiating, and contracting with the best sources that can produce up to 60,000 masks per day, leaving no employee, customer, or student left behind. Quality Face Wear are now pleased to offer cloth face masks at extremely low prices for you, your employees, and your customers.

There are several unscrupulous companies out there claiming to be able to produce masks in large quantities, but when the ship date comes, they tell you it will take three more weeks. Worse yet, they are marking up their prices so high that they’re contributing more to this economic crisis than they are helping it.

We, on the other hand, are able to sell our masks at practically wholesale cost, because we have developed the relationships and secured enough material to do so. We’re just like you. This economic crisis won’t go away for a long time, and we not only want to get our workers back in the office, but we want to help all of our small business clients do the same.

It is currently nearly impossible to find a mask that costs less than $9 that will not suffocate you. This is unacceptable, and one of the main reasons why we’ve done the research and the work necessary to be able to offer comfortable, breathable, fairly-priced cloth masks in the bulk quantities you need (for as little as $2 a piece).

Many experts are predicting that the coronavirus will return in the fall, and if it does, you need to be prepared. We cannot afford to have the country shut down again. In the event of a second wave, the best measure to take for the sake of the economy, the education system, your life, and the lives around you is to secure masks for all of your workers, customers, or students in advance.

Protect your workers and the general public with a cloth mask or face shield. Help keep the curve flattened and get America up and running again.