What Every Hotel Needs to be Doing During COVID

by | Feb 19, 2021 | disinfectant

Hotels have the potential to be just as dangerous as hospitals.

With hundreds of different rooms and so many people coming and going, towels and linen can become a breeding ground for COVID-19. 

If an outbreak is traced to your hotel by health officials or social media, you might be forced to shut down. How much revenue will you lose? What will it cost to fumigate every room and test every employee?

The key to preventing this from happening lies in your laundry. 

To play it safe, you’ll want to assume that everyone who books a room in your hotel has COVID. 

Do you think hospitals are going around carelessly washing their covid patients’ bedding?

Absolutely not.

So why treat your laundry any differently?

Your visitors have longer contact with linens and towels than doorknobs and elevator buttons, yet you sanitize those frequently.

Simple wash cycles with regular detergent aren’t enough to take on COVID-19. A study from the University of Arizona shows that just one contaminated piece of laundry can soil the entire load. 

To properly sanitize your hotel’s linens and towels, here’s what you need to do.

Check the settings on your industrial washing machine

Some high-efficiency machines have a sanitize option on the turn knob. This cycle is extra-hot and kills 99.99% of most bacteria on your laundry. Unfortunately, not all washing machines have this setting, nor is it safe for every wash. This extreme heat can be very harsh on your linen. 

Laundry sanitizer add-ins 

If you can’t afford to hike up your energy bill or are worried about the heat damaging your linen, you might want to consider adding liquid bleach to your loads. Other commercial laundry sanitizers are available to kill viruses and bacteria, however, these products are often in short supply and expensive.

UV disinfection

If you’re washing hundreds of loads per day, you need an industrial disinfectant that will function on its own without needing to be refilled or replaced. With UV disinfection like the LUX, you can get just that and then some.

The LUX advanced oxidation laundry system is 500x more powerful than bleach and hot water. It works by turning your laundry room air into hydroxyl radicals, which are earth’s strongest natural oxidizers. Viruses and bacteria don’t stand a chance, and you’ll actually save on your utility bill by reducing hot water usage by 80%. 

LUX will extend your linen life by 20%; keeping bed sheets and pillow cases bright, soft, and sanitary. Make headlines for doing something RIGHT during COVID. Request a quote today!