How to Wash, Store, and Wear Your Mask Properly

by | Oct 16, 2020 | cloth face masks

Masks are everywhere you look these days. We all know that we’re supposed to wear them, but are you wearing yours properly? Better yet, do you know how to safely wash and store it?

Think of your mask like underwear. You wouldn’t wear the same pair two days in a row without washing it first (at least we hope you wouldn’t). 

The same applies to your mask. You need to practice good mask hygiene in order to keep yourself healthy, and breathing in dirt particles all day can result in respiratory issues. 

Ironic, because that’s exactly what you’re trying to prevent in the first place.

Thankfully, with the proper washing, storing, and wearing techniques, you can maintain good hygiene and prevent yourself and others from becoming infected. 

How to wash a mask

Cloth face masks should be washed with standard detergent and warm water after each use. Disposable surgical masks, on the other hand, should not be washed, but N95s can be steamed. 

Bleach can also be used to clean cloth masks, so long as it’s meant for disinfecting and contains between 5.25 and 8.25% sodium hypochlorite. Always rinse thoroughly after bleaching and give your mask ample time to ventilate before using it again.

After you wash your mask, you can air-dry it. Some cotton blend face masks, like the ones at Quality Face Wear, are dryerfriendly. 

How to properly store a mask

These days, it’s fairly common to see masks hanging from people’s rearview mirrors. But is this a good idea? It depends.

Because the mask is hanging, it won’t contaminate the interior surfaces of your car. Some may worry that the air vents will blow potential virus particles around the car, but no one can say for sure if this is a valid concern just yet. As long as you only keep a clean mask hanging from your rearview, this should be fine. 

Do not store your mask in a plastic bag. Plastic does not breathe and will allow for bacteria to grow inside the bag. We recommend using a paper bag or envelope to carry or store your mask in.

How to wear a mask

If you’re out and about all day, it’s easy to pull your mask down and prop it under your chin after you’ve exited a building. This should be avoided at all costs.

Unless you’re wearing a neck gaiter, your neck is exposed when you’re in public with a mask on. This allows for contaminated droplets to land on your neck, and when you pull your mask back up, you will breathe in these germs.

Your mask should always cover your nose. Your nostrils can take in and expel infected particles just like your mouth can. Unless you’re a mouth-breather, you probably breathe mainly out of your nose anyway. If this is the case, wearing a mask below your nose is as ineffective as not wearing one at all.

Always wash your hands before putting on or taking off your mask. Be sure to take it off using the ear loops rather than the front portion, as it may be contaminated with viral droplets. 

Face masks are only efficient if they fit snugly and are breathable, like ours at Quality Face Wear. Schools and businesses nationwide have trusted our high quality masks to keep their students and employees safe. Place your bulk order today!