What University Organizations Need to Know About Reopening Colleges During the COVID-19 Crisis

by | Jun 17, 2020 | cloth face masks, schools

The CDC recommends that anyone gathering in groups of more than 10 people wear a face mask. That being said, reopening colleges will cause certain groups on your university’s campus to see a larger need for cloth face masks than others. 

The need for masks is higher than ever before as we begin to reopen the U.S. Cities like Houston, Miami, Nashville, St. Petersburg, and Phoenix are having to take steps back after seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases upon reopening.

The last thing you want is to get the green light on reopening colleges only to have to send everyone home again due to an outbreak that could have been prevented with the proper safety measures. 

The following university organizations and groups will see the biggest need for masks, given that it will be more of a challenge for them to maintain proper social distancing.

Residential halls

Students that live in residential halls are at a higher risk of being exposed to the virus than students who live off campus. If communal bathrooms, computer labs, or other common grounds are present in the dormitory, students will need to wear a mask in these areas (excluding the shower, of course). 

The odds of a college student doing laundry more than once a week are pretty slim. This means that realistically, students with only one face mask are likely to end up wearing that same, dirty cloth face mask for multiple days in a row. 

This significantly decreases the quality of air those students breathe, and that is also why we recommend that each student possess at least 5 reusable masks–one for every day of the school week.

Greek life

Greek life is one of the most active communities on any college campus, and recruitment is something hundreds of thousands of students look forward to each year. Because of this, it’s essential that all fraternities and sororities provide masks for their members. 

At Quality Face Wear, we can customize your masks with the Greek lettering of your choice, and even embroider or imprint “RUSH 2020” on masks for incoming freshmen who haven’t made up their minds yet.

Student churches

Student church organizations and bible study groups often gather regularly in person, which means that masks are a necessity when reopening colleges. 

The very nature of how COVID-19 spreads means that students participating in these groups are at high risk of contracting the virus. 

COVID-19 is spread through aerosol droplets that are expelled from the nose and/or mouth of a sick person. These droplets become airborne and can then enter the nose and/or mouth of a healthy person. Dr. Fauci at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases describes the amount of droplets that spew from peoples’ mouths when they sing as “scary.”

Evidence of church groups’ susceptibility to the virus can be seen in the outbreaks in many congregations prior to the lockdown. The purpose of cloth masks is to stop these droplets from traveling far and infecting other people. Cloth masks also help your students feel safe, which is a key component to keeping them healthy while at the same time helping them maintain interactivity in class and around campus.

Performing arts students

Some majors, like theater or dance, are built around face-to-face interaction. If your university has a performing arts department, your students will need a way to safely rehearse and bring audience members into the space. 

Masks are absolutely necessary in a case like this where social distancing can be somewhat of a challenge. 

Providing cloth face masks for performing arts students, staff, and potential audience members will allow the show to go on, providing students with the same educational opportunities and experiences necessary to learn their crafts. 

It will also allow audience members to enjoy the hard work and talents of your students.

Student workers

Given that the majority of American workers are currently required to wear masks, student workers should be no different. 

If you employ students on campus, you should make sure that all are provided with reusable cloth face masks, so they can protect themselves and others while on the job.

Student health center

Of all organizations on campus, your student health center should have masks before anyone else. After all, this will likely be where potential COVID-19 positive patients will go to seek a test or treatment. In these cases, you might need a balance of N95, KN95, and disposable masks.

Clinical or physical therapy appointments may require physical contact between doctors and patients, and your health center faculty will need masks to safely interact with students.

Students visiting the clinic may already be suffering from compromised immune systems, putting them at an even greater risk of contracting the virus, especially if proper safety measures are not implemented. Those entering the facility should be required to wear cloth or disposable masks at a minimum, so be prepared to offer them to students prior to admitting them to your clinic.

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