5 Ways Temperature Screening Kiosks Can Help Contain the Spread of COVID-19

by | Jun 17, 2021 | temperature screening

In the past 12 months, hundreds of thousands–if not millions–of business owners began implementing daily health checks in the workplace. 

Among passing out symptom questionnaires and mandating masks, several employers also started temperature screening. Some states still require, or at least recommend, these screenings. 

Even so, many people are wondering if temperature checks are even necessary and how they actually work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Today, we’re addressing that confusion by detailing 5 different ways in which temperature screening kiosks are helping to end the pandemic.

1. Offers a non-intrusive means of temperature screening

One of the biggest drawbacks to temperature guns is the fact that they don’t allow for proper social distancing between the screener and the person being screened. 

But with temperature screening kiosks, there’s no need to hire someone to conduct the screenings and put them at risk. 

Temperature screening kiosks are made to operate on their own, offering a non-intrusive means of fever-checking with infrared technology. 

2. Allows for efficient handling of sick employees with quick and accurate results

Temperature screening kiosks provide quick and accurate results. This is extremely beneficial because it allows for the efficient and discreet removal of sick employees–containing the spread by minimizing their exposure to healthy employees.

With SafeScreen in particular, once the machine detects a temperature above your set threshold, it will notify the person being screened as well as send a text or email to an administrator who can then choose how to proceed.  

3. Can be programmed to include symptom questionnaires 

Temperature screening kiosks can do much more than simply take temperatures. This magnificent technology can also be programmed to include symptom questionnaires, asking each employee as they walk up about any recent symptoms or COVID exposure. Combining temperature screening and surveying into one simple step will streamline your employee check-in process and take up less valuable work time in the mornings. 

4. Tracks data for compliance purposes and contact tracing

The data gathered from these screenings and surveys makes contact tracing and compliance so much easier. Once you’re notified that an employee is scanned with a fever, you can pull your records to see who last worked a shift with said person and discreetly send them to get tested. 

5. Works with your automatic doors to only allow healthy people inside

A symptom questionnaire isn’t the only additional feature that can be added to your temperature screening kiosk. SafeScreen can also check for masks, notifying an administrator when someone tries to enter your facility without one. It can also be programmed to work in unison with your automatic doors, only opening for people who meet your temperature and/or mask requirement. 

Do your part in containing the spread of COVID-19 by setting up a temperature screening kiosk like SafeScreen in your workplace. Without the need for additional oversight or manpower, you’ll save more time in the mornings and only be notified when someone attempts to walk into your facility with a fever or no mask. Contact Quality Face Wear today to request a quote!