Why Temperature Screening Kiosks May Still be Useful After COVID

by | Feb 5, 2021 | temperature screening

A year ago, we all thought COVID would blow over in a couple of months.

But here we are, nearly 11 months into a full-blown worldwide pandemic, still holding onto hope that it’ll be over in “just a few more months”.

Unfortunately, at this time, no one can say for certain when it will end.

We’ve all learned the hard way that COVID-19 may be around for a lot longer than we initially anticipated. 

So if you’re holding back on ordering that temperature screening kiosk because you think the pandemic is almost over, think again.

It’s never too late to protect your facility, and these machines are still very much worth it to keep American schools and businesses safe. 

Even on that sweet, sweet day when this does finally end, there will still be a use for those temperature screening kiosks.

The modern workplace is expected to change post-COVID

It’s very likely that even after the pandemic, temperature screening kiosks will still be used in public places as general health monitors.

By continuing to perform symptom checks like these, you can maintain your workplace productivity by slowing the spread of other viruses (e.g., colds and flus) and decreasing the number of employee or student sick days. It’s also ideal for busting students or employees who are faking sick 😉.

The logic behind this stems from the idea that an employee or student who feels ill will not want to risk being outed as sick by the temperature screening kiosk. Instead, they’ll want to stay home until they’re well enough to return to school or work without setting off the scanner.

How a temperature scanner can improve your security

Certain temperature scanners, like SafeScreen, can double as security for your facility. These kiosks use facial recognition to alert you when strangers are attempting to enter your building, and can even be integrated with your automatic doors or personnel cards to open only for your employees.

The future of thermal imaging

After COVID, we can expect to see thermal imaging a lot more often in our society. 

It’s predicted that this form of imaging will become an integral component of smart buildings and even automated driving. 

Automated, self-driving cars rely on thermal imaging for identification and security purposes, increasing the safety of the driver by allowing the car to decipher between a human and an inanimate object.

Smart buildings use thermal imaging for many different purposes. HVAC, for example, can use it to determine what temperature a room should be, judging by the number of people in it.


Keep your school or workplace safe with a temperature screening kiosk. Without the need for oversight, additional manpower is not necessary to operate your kiosk, and you will only be notified when someone with a fever or without a mask tries to enter your facility (these features are customizable).

Rest assured that SafeScreen’s quick and advanced technology is keeping your business safe. Protect your workplace and buy temperature screening technology with face recognition from Quality Face Wear by Bizzuka today.