Temperature Guns vs Temperature Screening Kiosks

by | Oct 9, 2020 | temperature screening

Whether you’re a business owner or school administrator, one thing is for sure: maintaining day-to-day operations during a global pandemic is incredibly difficult.

You’re struggling to find new ways to keep your students, employees, or customers safe. 

One of the most popular and efficient ways to help slow the spread of COVID-19 is implementing temperature screening in businesses and schools. 

Fever detection is key to discovering infectious disease, and there are two available options for screening mass amounts of people: temperature screening kiosks and temperature guns.

Temperature screening kiosks

Temperature screening kiosks (as seen in the image above) are stand-alone stations that take a person’s temperature using a thermal heat map and AI. This technology uses many data points on the skin to read temperature, resulting in a reading that’s as accurate as oral thermometers.

One of the biggest perks of using a temperature screening kiosk is that you don’t need extra manpower to operate it. Simply plug it in and let your employees or students walk up to it as they enter your facility.

As each person walks up, the kiosk will read their temperature and generate an accurate numerical value in as little as 1-2 seconds. If an individual presents with a fever, an administrator will be alerted who can then send the person home. 

When a stranger or person without a mask tries to enter your school, you need an additional layer of safety that alerts you, like SafeScreenIf you have automatic doors, it can even be integrated into your system to restrict access to strangers or people with fevers.

This no-contact, touchless method of fever detection is recommended by the FDA. By placing SafeScreen at your front entrance, each person will be quickly scanned as they walk in, saving you the valuable time of having to screen each individual yourself. 

Temperature guns

Temperature guns, also known as non-contact infrared thermometers (NCITs), use infrared technology to take the temperature of one point on a person’s body (typically the forehead). 

In order to be effective, an operator must place the NCIT within 6 inches of the person’s face to get an accurate measurement. It sounds invasive and uncomfortable because it is.

The person getting screened must remain still while the operator holds the gun perpendicularly to the measurement area. Holding the NCIT at the wrong angle or the wrong distance will render the reading inaccurate.

Unlike temperature screening kiosks, NCITs break social distancing policies and should be disinfected after each use to keep the operator and screened individual safe. Temperature guns also require frequent recalibration, and having an operator screen and disinfect after each use eats up valuable work time. 

While temperature guns are cheaper than kiosks, the safety of your students/employees is priceless. With SafeScreen temperature screening kiosks, you can rest assured knowing that our fast and accurate technology is keeping your school or business safe. Contact Quality Face Wear today to request a quote!