Why Teachers’ Unions May be The Deciding Factor in Whether or Not Your School Reopens

by | Jan 15, 2021 | schools

School is back in session after the holiday break and COVID cases are higher than ever before.

Cities, businesses, and schools are shutting back down again, and teachers’ unions seem to have major pull when it comes to school re-openings and closings. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Why their opinions are so important

Early studies even hinted at the notion that teachers’ unions have more sway over school reopenings than COVID rates do.

The reason their voices are so important is because without teachers, there would be no school. We cannot forget about the educators in this fight for our children’s education.

These days, the majority of these unions actually argue for school re-openings–so long as the proper safety precautions are being taken.

Which shouldn’t be too much to ask for. 

After all, would you want to send your children to a school where the teachers don’t even feel safe?

We sure hope not.

Making teachers and students feel safer

Naturally, most teachers are afraid of contracting the virus at school. 

At least 25% of all educators fall into the high-risk category for COVID, meaning they could potentially die if they contract the virus.

Other teachers are concerned about bringing the virus home to their high-risk family members.

Public health officials advise that schools in communities with low COVID infection rates remain open–so long as they implement the proper safety protocols. 

If your schools aren’t safe, then good luck finding teachers who will show up.

Depending on your local guidelines, your school likely has a mask mandate in place already. Even if your state simply “recommends” statewide mask use, the best way to keep your students and teachers safe is by requiring them.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, states that school mask requirements, proper ventilation, and covid testing have proven to run safely and successfully. 

Temperature screening kiosks are another great way to kick safety up a notch and add an extra layer of protection to your current protocols.

Chances are that you’ve tried, or at least considered, temperature screening students and faculty at some point during this pandemic. 

If you’ve tried the temperature gun method, you’ve likely found it to be inefficient and dangerous, as it forces you to break social distancing policies. This method also takes up far too much time in the mornings and adds unnecessary risk to a protocol that’s supposed to increase safety.

By stationing a temperature screening kiosk at each entrance of your schools, you can keep students and staff safe without the need to hire an additional person to operate it.

In less than two seconds, SafeScreen kiosks can read a person’s temperature from up to two feet away just as accurately, if not more, than a handheld thermometer.

As each person files into the building, it will give them a “pass or fail” memo, only notifying administration when someone whose temperature is higher than your desired threshold attempts to enter. SafeScreen can also be configured to check for masks, alerting admins when a student or staff member walks in without a mask on.


Keep your schools safe and teachers’ unions happy by temperature screening everyone. While temperature guns are cheaper than kiosks, the safety of your community is priceless.

Rest assured that SafeScreen’s quick and advanced technology is keeping your schools safe. Protect your students and faculty and buy a temperature screening kiosk from Quality Face Wear by Bizzuka today.