Temperature Screening Devices

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SafeScreen Infrared Temperature Screening Kiosks for Schools & Businesses

Minimize your risk and liability while reducing your customers’ or parents’ fears with SafeScreen temperature checking stations.

SafeScreen devices can detect a temperature reading from up to two feet away while consistently providing as much accuracy as a hand-held thermometer, if not more.

Did we mention they’re fast too?

I’m talking really fast.

Faster than Muhammad Ali flipping the light switch off and getting in bed before the room is dark.


But let’s be frank. Purchasing temperature screening kiosks with facial recognition is no small investment.

The economy is in shambles, and we understand that everyone is strapped for cash right now.

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for fancy technology that you don’t understand, don’t need, and won’t ever mess with.

That’s why we offer three different temperature screening devices — each one tailored to meet different needs.

Stop worrying about wasting your money on unnecessary bells and whistles, and let us help you decide which machine is best for your business.

Why a Temperature Screening Kiosk Over a Temperature Gun?

Using a temperature gun to scan everyone at your entrances is risky and expensive. It’s uncomfortable, intrusive, and forces both parties to break social distancing protocols. The cost of PPE, special equipment, and dedicating a full-time employee to conduct the screening process can add up quickly. Not to mention, employees and customers move a lot more slowly through a health check process with a temperature gun than with a device like the SafeScreen.

SafeScreen’s user-friendly interface and rapid, automated screening make the process faster and more comfortable while saving you thousands on labor costs and valuable time. Even with its speed, it’s consistently as accurate as a hand-held thermometer, if not more.

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