The Proven Plan to Safely Reopening Schools

by | Sep 18, 2020 | schools

With the fall semester officially in full swing, reopening schools across the nation has been a major struggle as COVID-19 ravages the nation.

Colleges like the University of Alabama are making headlines for their shortcomings when it comes to protecting their students. Their failure to communicate, protect healthy students, and designate a quarantine space ahead of time has led to one of the nation’s most severe college outbreaks. 

After spending so much time, thought, and effort into safely reopening your school, the last thing you want is to be forced to resort back to 100% online schooling again.

In order to reopen and stay open, you must have each of these items included in your safety plan:

1. Take the temperatures of each student before class

One of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 is a fever. Because of this, taking the temperature of everyone who walks onto your campus is critical to the safety of your school.

We know what you’re thinking: 

There’s no way you have the time or manpower to use a temperature gun on each and every person who enters your school. Not to mention, temperature guns require the operator to break social distancing policies, setting a bad example for students and putting everyone at risk. 

Fortunately, temperature screening with SafeScreen is safe to use and doesn’t require supervision. These stand-alone, thermographic temperature kiosks will scan each person as they enter your facility, alerting you only when someone has a temperature that’s higher than your set requirement. 

2. Require students and employees to wear masks on campus

Chances are you’ve already implemented a mask requirement into your safety plan. But, are you actively enforcing it? 

Monitoring students every second to ensure that they’re keeping their masks on is tough. In K-12 schools, administrative personnel may even be required to oversee mask compliance as a uniform requirement. 

Unfortunately, hiring someone to oversee mask compliance on college campuses where there are thousands of students is simply not possible. With SafeScreen, however, there’s no need to hire administrative personnel to check everyone for masks. 

Our revolutionary stand-alone kiosks scan the face of each person as they enter your facility, only alerting you when someone without a mask attempts to enter. 

If you have automatic doors, SafeScreen can also be programmed to open them only for people who are wearing masks and meet your set temperature requirement. 

Leaving out any of these items in your school safety plan could be a deadly mistake. At Quality Face Wear, we’re your one-stop-shop for student safety. Universities across the nation are sporting our adjustable face masks and trusting SafeScreen to keep their campuses safe. Request a quote from us today and make reopening schools a breeze.