Temperature Screening Kiosks


SafeScreen Enterprise Temperature Screening Kiosk

Temperature Screening Made Easy

Looking for a more advanced, non-contact temperature screening device with a centralized management platform and entry access control?

The SafeScreen Enterprise temperature screening kiosk is designed specifically to help you manage multiple devices at once and integrate with your entry access control systems.

Its features include:

  • • Fully-automated screening from two feet away in 1-2 seconds
  • • Accurate temperature readings within +/- 0.5 °F
  • • Optional face mask detection
  • • Offline operation
  • • Facial recognition
  • • Entry access integration
  • • NFC reader
  • • Single interface for multiple device management
  • • 1-year warranty

All SafeScreen products are configured, tested, and supported in the U.S.

If you don’t need all the advanced features of the Enterprise, check out the SafeScreen Express. If you’re looking for even more capabilities and customization options, check out our SafeScreen Pro.

SafeScreen Enterprise Temperature Screening Systems are In-Stock NOW

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SafeScreen’s non-contact thermal imaging informs you immediately if someone’s temperature is higher than the tolerance you set. Its medical-grade thermal sensor provides top-of-the-line, safe, non-contact temperature screening.

Using AI technology and thermal infrared sensing, SafeScreen detects a face’s overall temperature distribution. With multiple points of measurement, temperature detection accuracy is (+/- 0.5°F), and AI automation provides fast and efficient non-contact temperature checks.

Designed to be easy and fast, SafeScreen is simple to set up near the entrance of your store, office building, or restaurant. As customers walk up to the kiosk, the wide-angle binocular camera scans them in 1-2 seconds with no waiting or asking awkward health questions. With its compact design and simple set up, SafeScreen can be easily installed at entrances and takes up the equivalent space of a framed family photo or small tablet device.


Size: 8.0 inch

Resolution: 800×1280



CPU: Rk3288 four cores/ rk3399 six cores/ msm8953 eight cores

Local storage: EMMC 8G



Pixels: 200W

Type: Binocular wide dynamic camera

Focus Distance: 50-150cm

White Balance: Auto



Fill Light: LED and infrared double fill light



Network Module: Support Ethernet, wireless (WiFi)

Audio: Support 2.5W/4R horn

USB: 1*USB OTG,1*USB HOST Standard A port

Serial: 1*RS232

Relay Output: 1

Wiegand Interface: 1*26/34 output,1*26/34 input

Upgrade Button: Sport Uboot upgrade button

LAN: 1*RJ45



Face Detection: Support multiple people detection and tracking

Face Database Capacity: 30 thousand

1:N Face Recognition: Supported

1:1 Face-Matching: Supported

Stranger Detection: Supported

Detection Distance Configuration: Supported

UI Interface Configuration: Supported

Remote Upgrade: Supported

Device Interface: equipment management, personnel/interface photo management, record query, etc.

Deployment Mode: Support public cloud deployment, private deployment, LAN mode use, stand-alone use


Infrared Thermal Imaging Module

Human Body Temperature Detection: Supported

Temperature Detection Distance: 1-meter

Measuring Accuracy: ≤ ±0.2°C

Measuring Range: 10°C~42°C

Thermal Imaging Field of View: 32 X 32°C

Visitors with normal temperature will be passed directly: Supported

Over Temperature Alarm: Support (temperature alarm value can be set)


General Parameters

Protection Grade: IP65, outdoor dustproof and waterproof functions

Power: DC12V(±10%)

Working Temperature: -10°C~60°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C~60°C

Consumption: 13.5W(Max)

Mounting Type: Gate support installation

Dimension: 296.18*132.88*25(mm)

Weight: 1.45kg