What Schools Are Doing to Make the Spring Semester Safer

by | Dec 10, 2020 | schools

Universities nationwide are still grappling with the train wreck that was the fall semester.

Sick students and teachers, online learning, and quarantining has made this school year unique to say the least.

As we head into winter break, teachers and administrators are scrambling to make the spring semester safe.

While it may feel like you’ve exhausted all of your options, don’t lose hope just yet. 

The University of North Carolina is in the process of implementing a robust safety plan for the spring semester that many schools can learn from. 

Here’s what they’re doing:

Making safety easily accessible

UNC is working on creating a program that will help students and staff find mask distribution sites and necessary health information on campus.

There will be directional signage on the buildings to force unidirectional traffic where possible. They’ve also created a mobile website to map out enter and exit times/routes for each class to help maintain these unidirectional flows and limit the number of people roaming the halls at once.

Most importantly, they’re relying heavily on feedback to keep the program running. This is critical to its success because students and staff won’t follow a program that makes them feel unsafe or hinders their productivity.

Socially-distancing and equipping classrooms

During the fall semester, nearly half of all classrooms on the University of North Carolina campus installed ceiling microphones and point-to-zoom cameras. This allows professors to teach both in-person and online classes simultaneously.

Each classroom also has sanitizer and disinfectant at the ready, and excess seats have been removed to maintain six feet of distance between seats. The teachers’ podiums are also a minimum of six feet away from the first row of seats.

Study areas

UNC has repurposed their empty classrooms for students to use as study areas. These are ideal for remote students who need quiet spaces to work as well as in-person students who need to work in small, socially-distanced groups. 

Additional safety measures you can take

The pandemic could potentially end in 2021 if everyone plays their part. 

By doing absolutely everything in your power to reopen your school safely this spring, you can do your part in ending COVID-19. When you combine the above tips with the following additional safety measures, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything possible to protect your students and staff.

Temperature screening

Because one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 is a fever, it’s imperative that you scan every person who enters your facility for a fever.

With SafeScreen temperature screening kiosks, you can station one of these stand-alone temperature screeners at each entrance–no oversight necessary. You’ll only be notified when someone with a fever (or without a mask if you have such a policy) tries to enter.

If you have automatic doors, you can program SafeScreen to only open the doors for people who are wearing a mask or meet your temperature requirements. This will help you decrease your liability and keep your students and staff safe.

Implement a mask policy

By now, you likely already have a mask policy in place (or so we hope). If you don’t, you need to implement one to make the spring semester safe.

This mask policy will only work if your students and staff keep their masks on their faces. With adjustable cloth face masks, each person can adjust their own mask to fit their unique face shape. 

Simply slide the adjustable component on the ear loop, and voila. No more students walking around with their masks falling off of their faces or taking them off because they don’t fit.

And with SafeScreen, you won’t need to hire an extra person to enforce this policy–this special technology can check for masks on its own, notifying you when someone tries to enter your facility without one, and even keeping the individual from entering in certain cases.

We have the power to end the pandemic this year and make the spring semester safe if everyone plays their cards right. Get your adjustable cloth face masks and SafeScreen temperature kiosks all in one place at Quality Face Wear. Contact us today to request a quote! We look forward to helping our nation rid of COVID.