How Airports Can Make Travelers Feel Safe During COVID-19

by | May 6, 2021 | temperature screening

Contrary to popular belief, airports are actually pretty low risk right now–as long as the proper precautionary measures are taken. 

But while most places are relaxing their COVID guidelines, now is not the time for airports to let up. 

In order to make travelers feel safe, these are the precautions airports will need to take.

1. Enforce mask-wearing and social distancing

By now, we hope you understand the benefits of social distancing and mask-wearing in public. 

But when it comes to planes specifically, one CDC study shows just how big of a difference something as simple as leaving the middle seat unoccupied can be.

The results of this study revealed that social distancing on an aircraft can reduce COVID exposure by 57%

But these policies can only do so much. If your planes aren’t properly ventilated, the effectiveness of masks and social distancing drops significantly. 

2. Maintaining the proper ventilation

The study above also reveals the importance of good air circulation in mitigating COVID transmission on planes. 

An airplane’s ventilation system works by moving fresh, warm, compressed air into the cabin. It also takes the exhaled air from passengers and cleans it with the help of a HEPA air filter. These filters are specially designed to retain 99.95% of airborne particles that come into contact with them, combine this filtered air with fresh outside air, then cycle it all back into the cabin.

3. Implement temperature screening

Implementing a mask policy can be especially hard in a massive, busy place like an airport. You’d need to hire a whole team to monitor each person that comes in and out. But with temperature screening kiosks like SafeScreen, there’s no need to hire extra people. 

These stand-alone temperature screening kiosks are fully self-sufficient. Just place one at the entrance of your airport, and it’ll scan each traveler for a mask and a fever as they walk up to it. 

If it detects a fever or maskless face, it will alert both the traveler and an administrator to discreetly handle the situation.

SafeScreen can even be programmed to open or close your automatic doors depending on the results of these readings.


Do your part to make travelers feel protected this year by enforcing a mask mandate and implementing a temperature screening policy to keep your airport and airplanes safe.

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