How to Keep Your Airport Safe This Holiday Season

by | Dec 18, 2020 | businesses

It’s no secret that holiday traveling is looking a liiiittle different this year.

We’re all being told to stay home rather than see our families, but some people don’t have a choice. 

After all, without international travel, global businesses wouldn’t survive.

As a safety manager, the last thing you need right now is your airport becoming a breeding ground for COVID-19. 

As much as this may seem like something that’s out of your control, there are actually a few things you can do to keep your airport safe.

1. Mandate masks and implement a temperature screening policy

Implementing a mask policy is easy. 

Enforcing the policy is the hard part.

In rushed places with lots of foot traffic, like airports, checking each person individually for a mask and a normal temperature is nearly impossible. 

Thanks to technology, however, this doesn’t have to be so difficult.  

Temperature screening kiosks, like SafeScreen, use an innovative combination of thermal imaging technology and AI to identify individuals and whether or not they’re wearing a mask or have a fever.

Rather than hiring an entire task force to spot travelers without masks and take the temperature of every person who enters your facility, this technology will allow you to save money and only notify you when it detects someone who’s not following the rules. 

Looking to buy masks for all of your employees? We’ve got you covered.

Of course, masks and temperature screening kiosks alone can’t 100% guarantee a COVID-free facility, which is why we suggest taking your safety measures to the next level with Shock and Shield.

2. Clean with a long-lasting disinfectant

Disinfecting each aircraft after every deplaning and sanitizing your facility every few hours is a waste of time and money. You need a disinfectant that’ll last for longer than a few hours and withstand cross contamination.

With OMNIShield, you can disinfect your planes with a lasting protective shield that keeps viruses and bacteria away for up to three months

Step 1

The first step of the OMNIShield process involves your typical disinfectant. Simply spray or wipe down your surfaces as usual. Make sure to cover all seats, door knobs, and high-tough areas.

Step 2

In the second step, OMNIShield spray is used to coat the now germ-free plane. No more hourly disinfecting or scrambling to stock up on enough disinfectant to cover the entire facility. OMNIShield will lock in your disinfectant, making it last for up to 88 days!


Do your part in protecting travelers this year by enforcing a mask mandate, implementing a temperature screening policy, and using a long lasting disinfectant to keep your airport safe.

Place your bulk order of masks for your employees, buy your temperature screening kiosks, and order Shock and Shield all in one place. Contact Quality Face Wear to request a quote! We look forward to helping America stay safe during this pandemic.