How to Wear a Mask With a Beard

by | Mar 26, 2021 | cloth face masks

While it’s apparent that a shaved face makes wearing a mask easier (and more effective), lots of men take too much pride in their beards to shave it all off.

If you’re one of these men that struggle to wear a mask with a beard, keep reading.

How to increase your mask efficiency

Facial hair does not provide the necessary grip for your mask to fit snugly around your face. This results in the need for you to constantly touch and readjust it. All this repositioning gives COVID-19 particles an increased opportunity to travel to and from your nose and mouth, thus decreasing the efficiency of your mask.

Fortunately, however, there are ways to work around it.

Give your beard a slight trim

The very least you should do is trim your beard. Anything you can do to shrink the size enough so that it can fit comfortably inside your mask will help increase your mask’s efficiency. 

Looking for styling ideas? In 2017, the CDC released the above infographic intended for men that wear tight-fitting respirators. 

These facial hairstyles are perfect to wear now, during COVID, while we’re all still wearing masks.

Buy a large mask

As long as you’re not working in a high-risk profession, you probably won’t need to shave all of your facial hair off. What you need to do instead is simply buy a larger mask.

At Quality Face Wear, we understand that there’s no such thing as a truly “one-size-fits-all” mask. That’s why we offer two options for people with beards: adjustable cloth face masks and extra large masks.

Our adjustable masks fit most people with small, short beards. They come with a slide-able component on each ear loop that allows you to adjust the mask to the size of your face. 

Our extra large masks are made for people with large faces or long, bushy beards.

Look for a mask with a nose bridge and multiple layers

When you order through Quality Face Wear, you can select a nose bridge and/or 3-ply upgrade as an add-on to your mask. 

Everyone should consider adding a nose bridge to their mask. If you wear glasses, this feature is critical because it prevents fogging. 

Even if you have perfect eyesight, a nose bridge helps form a tight seal between the top of your mask and your face, leaving fewer gaps for COVID particles to enter or escape. The tighter the fit, the better.

With a 3-ply mask, you can make up for some of the safety lost when you wear a regular mask with a full beard. The more layers, the less likely it is for virus particles to enter or exit your mask.


At Quality Face Wear, we’re doing our part to help keep the curve flattened. Our masks are both protective and breathable, and are being trusted in offices, schools, and businesses nationwide.

Contact us today to request a quote! We look forward to helping you stay safe during this pandemic.