5 Ways Hospitals can Benefit from UVC Disinfectant

by | Nov 4, 2021 | disinfectant

The number one priority of any hospital is patient care and safety. This can be achieved in many different ways, but the most effective way to keep patients safe is by preventing the spread of infection with UVC disinfectant. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over 5 amazing benefits that come with using UVC disinfectant in your hospital.

1. Reduces HAIs

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are infections that arise within 30 days after a surgery, 3 days after discharge from a hospital, or 2 days after admission. They are a serious problem that can hinder a patient’s healing, and in severe circumstances, result in sepsis and/or death.

The CDC estimates that 1 out of every 31 hospital patients in the U.S. contracts an HAI. Many cases are caused by dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacteria that circle around hospitals. When UVC disinfectant is used to sanitize patient rooms, it prevents these dangerous bacteria from spreading.

By using this technology, not only will your hospital see a significant decrease in HAIs, but you’ll also reduce overall costs associated with infections.

2. The ability to decontaminate a patient’s room entirely after they leave

After a patient is discharged or switches rooms, their old room must be thoroughly sanitized to prevent the spread of harmful germs. 

When you use UVC disinfectant like AURA to sanitize patient rooms, 99.99% of viruses and bacteria within 400 square feet are killed within 15 minutes, preventing any leftover germs from being spread around. 

It also helps patients feel safer, increasing their overall satisfaction with their hospital stay.

3. Gets all the crevices & corners that the janitorial crew may have missed

Most janitorial crews spend hours sanitizing rooms after they’ve been vacated, but human error makes it impossible to get every crack and crevice. AURA will allow you to get rid of all leftover germs in places that your crew may be unable to access. 

No more worrying about contaminated cleaning cloths spreading around bacteria, diluted disinfectant solutions, or inadequate contact times with cleaners. Simply plug AURA in and let it sanitize every inch of your room.

When used in combination with traditional cleaning methods, UVC disinfectant will create an environment where dangerous bacteria can’t survive, making your hospital a less hospitable place for harmful viruses. This is especially important for patients who are immunocompromised or recovering from major surgeries.

4. Disinfects more than just surfaces

Many hospitals only disinfect surfaces, which means that harmful germs can still circulate in the air and in the water used to clean bedding and other reusable linens. 

UVC disinfectant will allow you to clean more than just your hospital’s surfaces. It can also be used to disinfect the air and water in your facility. 

Spiro-Max UVGI air scrubbers provide the ability to kill airborne bacteria and viruses. It installs easily in your air handling units, continuously purifying air for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any size building or room.

LUX offers incredible cleaning and disinfection while significantly lowering your utility costs. It utilizes a safe UV light to turn air into hydroxyl radicals (earth’s strongest natural oxidizer). This system is 500x more powerful than hot water and bleach when it comes to disinfecting, produces vibrant bright whites, and keeps linens softer than traditional chemistry. Not to mention, it can save you a minimum of 85% on your hot water bill.

5. Operates on its own without any extra elbow grease needed

UVC disinfection systems are able to operate on their own without any extra help needed from your crew. 

When cleaning surfaces, all you need to do is plug AURA in, turn it on, and leave it to disinfect the room.

Because Spiro-Max and LUX work with your current HVAC and laundry systems on their own, all you need to do aside from the initial setup is replace the bulbs every now and then. No extra elbow grease necessary!


Your hospital must be both clean and perceived as clean in order for patients and staff to feel safe. Using UVC disinfection to sanitize your laundry, air, and hospital rooms will enhance your hospital experience, protect your patients and staff, and create a safe environment for all. Contact Quality Face Wear today to request a quote!