How Does UV Sanitizer Work?

by | Mar 12, 2021 | disinfectant

If you’re a school administrator, business owner, or hotel manager with no prior medical experience, UV sanitizer might sound like a new fad.

Surprisingly, the concept of sunlight having antibacterial properties has actually been around for over 140 years. Downes and Blunt were the ones who discovered that shorter wavelengths of the solar spectrum have intense bacteria-neutralizing powers. 

The science behind UV light

If you remember anything from your high school biology class, it’s probably that all living organisms (including viruses and bacteria) are made up of genetic material called DNA & RNA. This material controls development, reproduction, growth, and functioning. 

When exposed to the electromagnetic energy produced by UV light, photochemical reactions occur that cost viruses and bacteria their ability to reproduce. This energy also causes mutations, inactivation of microbes, and/or cell death–stopping germs right in their tracks.

Main advantages of UV sanitizer in schools and businesses

The benefits of UV sanitizer are endless. For starters:

  • It’s chemical-free
  • It kills viruses, fungi, bacteria, and mold in mere seconds
  • It’s safe and environmentally friendly
  • Microbial cells are unable to develop resistance to this type of light
  • It’s easy on the wallet

UVC disinfection use cases

Hospitals aren’t the only facilities that can benefit from UV sanitizers. In the fight against COVID-19, hotels, restaurants, schools, and offices should all consider using this form of disinfectant to keep occupants safe.

Surface disinfectant

Hospitals tend to use UVC surface disinfectant, like the Aura, to clean individual patient rooms. Schools, small offices, and facilities that have a relatively low foot traffic in each room can also benefit from the Aura. 

Simply wheel it into the room you want to disinfect, plug it in, step out, and in less than 15 minutes, it will kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in a 400-square-foot area. Surface AND airborne pathogens like MERS and SARS don’t stand a chance.

Air disinfectant

Unfortunately, surface disinfectant won’t cut it for everyone. In highly-trafficked, fast-paced places like restaurants, UVC air disinfectant is your best bet when it comes to keeping everyone safe. 

With Spiro-Max, you can kill airborne pathogens in any size room without the need to evacuate and wait. You can attach it to your current air handling units, and it will clean and disinfect the air nonstop as it circulates through the system. Because it works with light and not harmful chemicals, it’s completely safe to breathe.

Water disinfectant

If you operate a hotel, nursing home, or laundry facility, one of the best ways to keep your residents/customers safe is with UVC water disinfectant.

When you use technology like the LUMARS, LUX, and SULAOS machines, not only will you ensure that your linen and textiles are completely sanitized, but you’ll decrease your detergent, energy, and water consumption. 


Legionnaires’ disease is a major problem in hospitals, assisted living centers, and nursing homes. According to the CDC, 1 in 4 immunocompromised people who contract this disease will die from it. 

Using LUMARS UV light with your laundry can keep this disease from spreading within your laundry. It works by inactivating the Legionella microbe that causes Legionnaires’ Disease, destroying its ability to reproduce.


The LUX water disinfectant generator turns the laundry room’s air into hydroxyl radicals– Earth’s strongest natural oxidizer. This system is 500x more powerful than bleach and hot water, resulting in the brightest whites possible and a sanitary load every time.


SULAOS stands for Smart Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System. It works by dissolving organic materials from water with UVC light to provide you with significant savings and a safer laundry cleaning process. 


Keep your school or business safe with UVC disinfectant. Whether you’re looking to sanitize your surfaces, air, or water, Quality Face Wear by Bizzuka has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about the Aura, Spiro-Max, LUX, LUMARS, or SULAOS!