9 Crucial Mask Mistakes to Avoid

by | May 13, 2021 | cloth face masks

It’s a proven fact that masks work–but only when they’re worn correctly. 

When worn incorrectly, they can actually be worse than not wearing a mask at all.

To keep yourself and those around you safe, check out these 9 mask mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. Not washing your hands before and after removing your mask

After over a year of drilling it into your head, you should be washing your hands thoroughly and more frequently by now. This is especially important to remember before and after removing your mask.

If you don’t practice good hand hygiene when handling your face covering, you risk transferring the virus from your hands to your mask or from your mask to your hands. This may result in you either breathing in the virus or transferring it to your nose, mouth, or other surfaces.

2. Reusing disposable masks

Disposable surgical masks are only supposed to be worn once, then tossed out. Cloth face masks, on the other hand, can be reused–they just need to be washed between uses. 

Reusing a disposable or otherwise dirty cloth mask is extremely risky (not to mention, a hygiene hazard). This can result in upper respiratory infections, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid by wearing a mask in the first place.

3. Letting it slip below your nose or above your chin

One of the most common mistakes that people make when wearing a mask is letting it slip below their noses. When your nose isn’t covered, it defeats the purpose of the mask altogether. Your nose can expel and breathe in airborne respiratory droplets just like your mouth can.

Your mask should also never ride up on your chin. This can cause it to slide off when you speak or breathe. If you have facial hair, this can be difficult to manage and you’ll likely need to order a large or extra large face mask.

4. Sharing your mask

Please, for the love of all good things left in this world… Never share your mask with someone else–not even family. After all, would you share your underwear with someone else? We sure hope not.

5. Taking it off the wrong way

Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to remove your mask. Grabbing the front of it while it’s still on your face is the wrong way–especially if you haven’t washed your hands before touching it. The right way to remove your mask is by untying or unlooping it from the ears, then washing your hands afterwards. 

6. Removing it to sneeze or cough

The entire purpose of a mask is to block the expulsion of airborne respiratory droplets. That being said, it should go without saying that your mask is meant to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. While yes, this is uncomfortable, pulling it down defeats the purpose entirely and puts those around you at risk.

7. Taking your mask off to talk

Like sneezing or coughing, taking your mask off to talk defeats its entire purpose. Speaking without a mask on creates fine airborne particles that can linger in the air for over an hour. In fact, it has been proven that talking can spread the same amount of respiratory droplets as sneezing or coughing and is just as dangerous. 

8. Touching your mask

Touching your mask while wearing it is a big no-no. It can result in contamination of both your mask and hands, which is why you should always wash your hands before and after removing it.

9. Wearing an ill-fitting mask

Never trust a “one-size-fits-all” mask. Not everyone has the same face shape, which is why these masks are total scams. 

At Quality Face Wear, our adjustable cloth face masks fit most people–even those with facial hair. These masks come with a slide-able component on each ear loop that lets you adjust it to fit the size of your face. 

When you order through us, you can also select a nose bridge, 3-ply upgrade, or extra large size as an add-on to your mask. If you’re ordering in bulk, you can even customize your masks and place your logo on them. Contact us today to request a quote!