How to Enhance Your Hospital Experience During COVID-19

by | Dec 23, 2020 | disinfectant

Most people hate hospitals already, but in 2020, they’ve become an absolute last resort for people with health issues.

At the beginning of the pandemic, hospitals were even turning away people who didn’t have serious or life-threatening problems.

To make your patients and doctors feel safer and reduce their fears of visiting your facility, you need to enhance your hospital experience.

Where to start

Your hospital experience is key to not only the wellness of your patients, but the quality of their care. The proper caregivers will be highly disciplined, trained, engaged, compassionate, and committed to hygiene and safety. If your doctors are unhappy, they’re more likely to become distracted and make poor judgment calls.

Making sure all of your employees are on the right track is critical. It’s no secret that doctors have seen the worst of COVID-19, and this can take a huge toll on their mental health. It’s important to regularly check in with your staff to ensure that they’re taking care of themselves. Be sure to frequently remind them that you value their physical and mental well-beings and offer counseling.

Your hospital should be a safe place to work and heal. This requires consideration of the safety and engaged experience of your patients and their families, as well as your staff and the community. Every support service, including patient transportation and food, is crucial to creating this experience.

Food safety and workplace injury prevention should not take a backseat during the pandemic. If COVID prevention is taking up too much of your time, consider hiring an external team to manage your HR and handle food/workplace safety. Not only will this help your staff feel cared for, but it will create a safer environment that patients will trust for their healing.

Infection prevention with UV light

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) can erase all of the hard work you did to enhance your patient experience. They can also have a devastating impact on your hospital’s reputation when the word gets out that you had a MRSA outbreak at your facility.

In order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and HAIs in your hospital, you need to start using UV disinfection.

How to disinfect your rooms

Traditional disinfectant won’t cut it when it comes to preventing HAIs. Thankfully, with mobile UVC disinfection units like AURA, you can quickly zap all HAIs and other harmful viruses/bacteria in every crevice of your hospital rooms. All you need to do is roll it into your desired room, plug it in, and let it run. 

How to disinfect your laundry

One of the best ways to slow the spread of germs and bacteria in your hospital is by disinfecting your laundry. With the LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System, a safe UVC light is used to turn the air in your laundry room into hydroxyl radicals (the Earth’s strongest natural oxidizer). These hydroxyl radicals effectively eliminate any germs and bacteria present on your linen. 

This method is 500 times stronger than bleach and hot water and will keep your whites bright and linens soft. And in times like these where the budget is tight, it will also reduce your need for hot water by a minimum of 85%, if not eliminating this need altogether.

Your hospital must be both clean and perceived as clean in order for patients and staff to feel safe. Using UVC disinfection for both your laundry and hospital rooms will enhance your hospital experience, protect your patients and staff, and create a safe environment for all. Contact Quality Face Wear today to request a quote!