Why Schools and Employers Should Never Trust One-Size-Fits-All Masks

by | Dec 3, 2020 | cloth face masks

Imagine walking into your school or office to see that no one is wearing a mask.

At this point, that either sounds like a relief or a nightmare.

All it takes is one cough to start a COVID outbreak, and suddenly you’re either short-staffed or stuck in a lawsuit for not protecting your facility.

During your quest for masks, you’ve sought out the best prices (without sacrificing quality), struggled to find reviews that aren’t bot-generated, and focused all your energy into finding the best product for your people.

You simply don’t have the budget or time to spend money on masks that don’t fit your students/employees. 

When you pull the trigger on this decision, it needs to be final. 

The last thing you have time for is reprimanding those challenging kids whose masks are always falling off their faces.

In your quest for the perfect vendor, be sure not to make this expensive mistake…

Never trust “one-size-fits-all” cloth face masks that don’t have adjustable ear loops.

Think about it.

No two face shapes are the same.

So-called “one-size-fits-all” masks will slide off the faces of young students, or they’ll be too tight for older kids/staff with bigger faces or beards.

When this happens, your students or employees will either wear them incorrectly or not wear them at all. This defeats the purpose of the mask altogether and puts the rest of your facility at risk.

Your students, faculty, staff, and parents can’t afford to take this risk.

You need masks that your employees and fidgety students will actually want to keep on their faces.

With our 95% cotton, adjustable cloth face masks, you can eliminate most of the complaints and concerns that you know you’re going to experience regardless.

An adjustable mask truly fits virtually everyone comfortably. Simply slide the adjustable component to tighten or loosen the mask for your comfort and breathability.

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Here’s what our customers are saying:

“These masks are wonderful. They are lightweight and offer full coverage even for larger faces.”

“…We ordered 1,000 with our first order. The day they arrived, we ordered 1,000 more, they were so well-liked! Will definitely continue to order in the future.”

“Love them! Worked perfectly for our members to wear this semester!”

You can check out this video for a demonstration, but here’s where our masks really stand out. Each one is:

  • Made with a 95% cotton/5% polyester fabric blend and is soft, comfortable, and breathable
  • Reusable and can be machine washed
  • Fully customizable: from add-ons like anti-fog nose bridges and adjustable ear loops, to logo prints
  • Available at wholesale pricing and in bulk quantities

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