How to Avoid Shutdown During the 4th Wave of COVID-19

by | Apr 23, 2021 | businesses

In the past two months, the United States has shown a promising decline in COVID-19 cases.

While many COVID safety measures were beginning to relax in light of this decline, it’s unfortunately still too soon to expect a full return to normalcy, as cases and hospitalizations are now trending upwards again.

Current case numbers are similar to what they were last summer when everything shut down, and experts predict that we’re headed towards a 4th wave of COVID-19, especially as “pandemic fatigue” is leading many to ease up on safety measures.

Thanks to the vaccine rollout, this fourth wave isn’t expected to be as bad as previous spikes; however, experts stress the importance of not letting our guard down too soon, or we’ll risk reversal of progress. 

Here are the two things you need to be doing to avoid shutdown during the 4th wave of COVID-19:

Continue wearing face masks

While the vaccine rollout is certainly getting us closer to normalcy, we’re not out of the woods just yet. The CDC recommends that in order to prevent a new wave of COVID and keep transmission at a minimum, even those who’ve been fully vaccinated should continue to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces. 

Keep temperature screening stations in place

Chances are that you’ve heard of temperature screening kiosks by now, or even walked through one to get your temperature taken.

Are we past the point of needing them? Not quite. The majority of Americans still aren’t vaccinated, and screening stations are just another layer of protection. A high temperature is a good indicator that someone may be COVID-positive, and screening kiosks help minimize the chance of an infected individual entering your facility. 

From up to three feet away, SafeScreen can scan your employees and customers in 1-2 seconds. Simply set up the device in a main entrance and receive email or text alerts if a fever is detected.


By continuing to screen for temperature, wear face masks, and take precautions like disinfecting the air, we minimize the risk of seeing another surge in COVID cases. Quality Face Wear’s screening technology and high-quality face masks provide additional layers of protection to keep your school or workplace safe.